Basalt to Bay hits the news from time to time. Below is a selection of articles from the not-too-distant past showing what we have been getting up to.

FoFH and CWA revegetation donation

They say from little things big things grow and that's certainly the case with the Friends of Flagstaff Hill latest donation to help replace vegetation lost in the St Patrick's Day fires.

Friends of Flagstaff Hill and CWA help Hawkesdale residents replace lost vegetation

Hands on learning for Brauer College students

Brauer College students put the ideal of the Hands on Learning program into practice when they built a boundary fence at the St Helens Flora Reserve near Yambuk.

Brauer College students learning fencing with teachers and Basalt to Bay staff

Vocational education introduces young people to Landcare

Basalt to Bay connects with young people through a vocational training program that encourages them to investigate future career options in conservation and land management.

South West TAFE students visit Sungold Field Days Allansford shelterbelt demonstration site